green travelling method

Tips to be a green traveler

If you are a traveler you must be aware of the word green travelling. Travelling green is being a responsible tourist and believing in eco tourism. It is something that you have to leave the place as green as possible when you visit it. May be some people are not aware of this green travelling method, for those people this article will be very effective and the below are some of the tips to be a green traveler.

Travelling green

Start from the beginning: If you are planning travel for your vacation tries to avoid flight and select train instead. If there is no option and you have to select flight then you can select other eco friendly transport method while travelling around the place which you have visited. Try to select some eco friendly car or fuel efficient taxis or it is better to use the local transport.

Select eco friendly hotels: An important part of being a green traveler is you have to select the eco friendly hotels or resorts for your stay. You can ask the hotel about its environmental policies. The best ways to select one is by searching online.

Be a responsible guest: it is not a matter that you have select the place which is eco friendly, even it is your responsibility to take care of the place which you have visited for your vacation. Try to check on your water usage, turn off the lights when you leave the place and unplug all the wires which is not necessary to be plugged in when you are not around there.

Responsible shopping: while you are shopping at the place where you have visited, it is better to avoid getting plastic bags. If you want to throw something try to use the dustbins around there. It is also possible to buy the local products as much as possible.

These are some of the tips which will greatly help you to complete the green travel effectively and efficiently. There are also many websites available online where you can get information related to eco tourism and travelling. Simply by visiting the websites and reading the information there you can gain some knowledge about eco tourism. Try to be green and be a responsible citizen. This will greatly helps the environment to stay green and fresh. By this you can avoid many different environmental issues.