Lansky "Blade Medic"

Knife Sharpener Review: Lansky “Blade Medic”

There is a great necessity to have a blade sharpener which is always available the same way a pocket knife is available to carry either in a backpack of pocket. The companies in the market have developed a different range of products which can help a knife to retain the sharpness and works well with every type of blade.

Lansky "Blade Medic"

What differs the Lansky Quad Sharp from other knife sharpeners?

The knife sharpeners from the Lansky “Blade Medic” has different types of angles almost four angles to bring the original sharpness to a knife like the first time. These four angles bring a legendary angle sharpening system in the market with the perfect option of portability of the knife and knife sharpener both. There is a built-in ceramic polishing benchstone that allows the pocket sharpener to be used in a way to bring full functions and the design stands alone with the sharpening solution. The product is versatile and with the smallest size comes with multi-angle options.

How to use the knife sharpener?

It is very easy to use the sharpener by taking care of little things as you should hold the knife with the dominant hand only withholding the sharpener with the other hand. Just pull the knife through the angled slot of your choice. After passing the knife three to four times using little pressure will help to restore the sharpness of blade in minutes. Clean the knife after use.

The medium which is around 800 ceramic elements should be used alike a benchstone manner or one can use the butcher steel fashion to sharpen the knife. It is believed that the ceramic benchstone is harder in comparison to steel, it never wears out and one can use it often as the sharpening element. For the sharpening of serrated knives, the ceramic benchstone can be tapered. For some pro-tips, the dull blades should be one with re-profiled carbide slots.

It is easy to use the sharpener and get the exact sharpness as of the first time in a few minutes only.