Buy the best sewing machine for free motion quilting

Today we are living in the world that is very advance. Here in this life the technology has developed very fast and still developing more and more. There are people that are having the profession of making or sewing quilts for other people and are making their income. It is good news for such people that they are having the advance technology made machines that are providing the best way of earning fast enough. It is home sewing machines that are fast enough to provide best way of sewing any type of quilt. The best sewing machine for free motion quilting is the Brother PQ1500SL. It is said that this machine is high speed sewing and quilting machine. There are numerous of features that have made this machine to be top ranked.

This model can let you have 1500 stitches in just one minute, having long arm, no noise while quilting, very easy to control, coming with “12 x 18” inches extension table, knee lever for presser foot lift and can stitch quilt any way. It is not very expensive. It is useful for those people that are having the profession of quilting. Thousands of house wives are using this model and they are very much satisfies with the facilities that they are having. In this you have auto threading system. The thread can be changes when one is finished. If you like to have the multi colored stitches then you have the facility of doing that also.

There are numerous of variety found in these quilting machines but this model that is Brother PQ1500SL is the one that you will prefer first. The functions and the facility that you are getting from this model will not allow you to get any other model. The model is powerhouse packed with many unique features specially engineered for advanced level quilters. It is helpful for those that like to take projects. One can finish the project very fast. You are getting automatic needle threaded, needle positioned and thread trimmers that make quilting more suitable. This model is said to be the best sewing machine for free motion quilting because it has the special feature of feed dog height adjustment that is necessary for free motion quilting.  You are getting 4 different levels of adjustment. You can make to control the feed dog.