Past experience of the maid

Past experience of the maid can be found out from their resume

The maids who have completed their contact in Singapore will possess the required skills and domestic work with their experience. The transfer maids are considered to be the maids who have already worked in Singapore. Before you hire the Indian maid Singapore from any of the agency you must ensure to have a look at the resume and the past experience of the maid. The communication will be very easier for the employees who have preferred the experienced maids. The maids who have worked in other countries are available on our portal so you can easily have a look at the experienced maids. The maid agencies in Singapore are introduced by the pioneers in the state of art web portal.

hire an Indian maid

Feel free to hire an Indian maid:

Many of the people will have a look at the online web portal to find the maid agencies in Singapore. You can visit our website if you are planning to hire a maid in Singapore and get more details. If you are straightforward towards the maid then the process of hiring a maid is very simple. You can feel free to hire an Indian maid Singapore as you will not have any painful experience. The Indian maids may require the health checkups, so you should arrange the health facilities in different places. The medical exams which are offered with the MOM guidelines are useful to hire the FDW’s. Your card will get ready within just four business days.

Ensure a smooth transition:

At the time of the card registration, you should provide the fingerprint and photo of the FDW. Your application for the insurance will be made based on the request of the ministry of the manpower. Before you begin the work, the employee will issue the work permit. The maid will arrive within just three days after you have completed the registration process. Once the Indian maid will arrive in the country, the employer must ensure a smooth transition for the maid. The foreign domestic worker is provided with the medical insurance coverage for health facilities.