Reasons for immigration

Immigration means the people changing their destination country from one to the other. It may be as permanent residence, for employment purpose permanently, temporarily as foreign workers.Normally in immigration both the receiving country and the sending country is benefited in anyway. Immigration between the developing countries and the developed countries will help in reducing the poverty. Day by day the international immigrant’s percentage is increasing. We can learn more regarding this topic in the websites. There are so many information available.

The people migrate from one country to the other due to two main reasons

  • Internal migration
  • External migration

Internal migration includes factors like government, natural disasters, manmade disaster, poor standard of living, over population and racial discrimination. Any one of the factors push the people to migrate to other country.

To improve their standard of living, family, culture and better life are the factors which effect the people to migrate externally.

There are different types of immigrants like migrant worker who move to other country to find some work. Second type is asylum-seeker who feels danger in their own country and move to the other country for safety. Refugee is a situation where the asylum gets proper permission form the government and then move to the other country. To learn more visit the websites related to immigration process.

Types of immigration status

Naturalized citizen must have completed 18 years or have resided continuously for five years in U.S. So that the person will be eligible for immigration.

Lawful permanent resident (LRP) this includes people who immigrate to work permanently in the country, sons, daughters or spouse of the citizen. They normally have a green card. The green card holders come under this category.

Conditional permanent resident includes the people like the sons and the spouses of the Lawful Permanent Residents who have applied for the citizenship. They have to provide the related documents and get the process completed.

These lawful immigration process can be cancelled or rejected if the documents produced is found to be fake or any fraudulent activities are done. If all the documents are correct then the process can be completed easily.