Ashwagandha is a herbal miracle and has been used in the ancient times texts and scriptures have proven that it was widely used in Ayurvedic form of medication that was used to treat various ailments and concoctions were made and patients were prescribed certain amount to be consumed to be relieved from the particular sickness. The extract of ashwagandha is used till date and though the extraction process is now modernised we know exactly what compounds are present in the extract and how they are beneficial to the human kind, it has now been put into the list of nootropics and hence popular supplement for many users across the globe. Try ashwagandha and know its benefits.

The benefits are huge and since the usage of the herb has been from 3000 years, there is authenticity of having advantages from its consumption. The blood sugar levels are maintained and really helpful for diabetics. Energy levels dip as you age and to get the vitality back ashwagandha has proved that it acts as an antioxidant and helps to regenerate cells which have decreased in production and slows the cell degradation process. Both the root and leaves have many uses in medical treatment and as the name suggests in Sanskrit as horse smell which can be interpreted as having a unique smell and getting more energy or horsepower.


It has anti inflammatory properties as well as the capabilities of reducing tumour cells in the body. This very effective to treat chronic ailments that distress humans and using this medication of ashwagandha has helped reduce the perennial occurrence of tumour cells growing in the body and thus keeping cancer at bay. Schizophrenic patients can now find a good relief with the usage of ashwagandha in their treatment plan. But many termed it as a placebo effect but researchers are yet to find that it can really help in treating certain mental illnesses. Ashwagandha extracts are quite useful.

In the contemporary world stress levels are sky high and it has to be dealt with on regular basis hence ashwagandha has helped to put anxiety at rest and put a calming effect and as well as balm to soothe frayed nerves during panic attacks. When stress increases, the cortisol levels peaks which is very bad health indicator. Ashwagandha ensures the cortisol levels are regulated. There are regular cases of people going into depression and lose interest in the normal life, such people may go into depths of self deprecation and this makes their life go out of control and they may cocoon themselves from the outside world. If diagnosed and medicated with ashwagandha, it has said to help fight out the depression, though again many cynics are of the opinion that it is merely a placebo effect.

Men with low sperm levels or even low sperm quality have found solace in the use of ashwagandha. Ashwagandha helps the male hormone testosterone to secrete effectively as, these dip with age and other reasons. Amazingly the sperm motility is also improved. So the effective increase in the testosterone production this will definitely help in increasing muscle mass and strength. This will definitely help who are malnourished, who had acute blood loss or have chronic ailment such as cancer to regain strength and muscle lost during that period.

It is quite safe for usage and non addictive in nature, since it is a plant extract, the chances of side effects are negative. It has been used for other purposes too, such as lowering cholesterol levels and improving the cognitive functioning of the brain. Though scientists have not bought the theory and continued research is going on, but people who have been using it for ages have claimed to have benefited and have shown tremendous improvement.