Benefits of a postal office job

One of the major connecting organization which provides more employment is post office. Both freshers and experienced candidates get job opportunities here. Along with this there are number of benefits in getting job in post office. By taking up a postal service job you will be able to get the following benefits like

  • Reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • FSA benefits
  • Federal insurance program
  • Retirement benefits
  • Savings plan
  • Medicare covers
  • Commuter programs
  • Leave

Reimbursement is an extra wages or other salary benefits like you will be able to earn extra money along with your regular salary. There are overtime payment option in which you will be paid extra for working than your regular shift hours. If you are ready to work on Sundays then you will be able to get Sunday premium pay. There are also benefits like night shift differential.

The Indian Post Office Recruitment system provides lots of health benefits to the employees. This is basically named as Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB). In this program there are lots of health insurance plans available through which the entire family of a post office employee gets benefitted. Some of the health insurance plans are listed below

  • Fee for service
  • Health maintenance organization
  • Employee premium plans

Also the employees are eligible to take up free dental and vision check-up. Taking a dental and vision insurance will help them to get a great coverage on the expense over dental and vision problems. Even the taxes are avoided for such insurance premiums.

FSA is Flexible Spending Account. This account is made available to the candidates who have more than one year of experience. Once if they get this spending account they will be able to get unexpected health care expenses and day care expenses. This will be really helpful for the employees to meet their sudden needs. Postal office job is always a great advantage in case of health benefits when compared with any other jobs.

Another important reason why people want to take part in Indian Post Office Recruitment is due to the holiday benefits. For any postal service employee they will get a generous vacation leave and 13 days of annual leave per year. This is applicable for the employees who are under 3 year experience. More experienced will be offered with 20 days of leave and then it will be increased to 26 years. When we take holidays there are nearly 10 days in a year will be considered as a holiday.

Postal service offers a good learning experience for the employees. The freshers are trained professionally to improve their efficiency and working skills. They also provide operation knowledge to cope up with their work. This will help them to improve their leadership skills gradually. The freshers may get work experience and then get executive level development training. The employees are allowed to take multi-level programs. This is offered for the employees who show high performance in their work.