Crucial Things to Watch as Apple Reports Earning

Over some time, the shares of Apple have not been unscratched since the chip supplier after other has offered the commentary of the bleak that is related to the near-term smartphone demand. Even before this, it has been noted that shares were trading at quite a subdued multiples. This is the main reason why the expectations are quite set high since the company of Tim cook is all set to release by the fiscal round of second quarter. As per the analysts’ opinion, the expected revenue is of $61.24 billion while that of the GAAP EPS of $2.69 which can be of up to 28%.

Listed are some things that you need to pay close attention as the earnings aapl report is about to released.

The sales guidance of June Quarter:

As per the research report and the supplier comment made it has been noted that Apple’s June quester is expected to have a strong impact on the movement of the stock post the earning that would be made as compared to that of the quarter results. At least for time being, the consensus is expected to have the revenue for about $51.9 billion which of course is worth to note down since that has dropped by $1 billion as compared to that of the March and nearly to $5 billion since the year has started.

The hikes amongst the buyback and the dividend:

On the last earnings call, the CFO Luca Maestri has promised that the company would soon be announcing the changes to be made to the capital return program at the time of the release of the March quarter report. Usually, Apple does the same, but it is quite safe to say that the capital which is quite large than normal would have the return to be increased as compared to the expected time around.

The Forex boost

Looking at some of the best US-based multinationals present in the industries today, we can say that there are so many tech giants that have achieved a big first-quarter revenue boost even when they had invested a weak dollar. So suffice it to say that Apple that has got nearly 65% of the December quarter revenue from the international market may also get a huge near term lifting to be done through Forex trends.

The ASPs and iPhone Sales:

It is believed that iPhone seems to have an account which is more over than 60% of the revenue of the apple in Quarter of March. Since there had been quite a less expectation and the fact that shipment of Apple iPhone is expected to trail the sales to the end user, the consensus is usually for the iPhone unit sales which would rise by around 2 million than the annual to 53 million.

No doubt before investing in Apple shares you may have tons of questions popping in your mind, but it is always better that you speak with the analysts who can help you understand the trending shares impact on the market and whether your company shall actually invest in it or not.