Richest celebrities in the world and their professions

  1. Madonna- an artist; basically a performer whose career exceeds more than 3 decade Madonna today is the richest celebrity in the entertainment industry according to a business insider website. The celeb at the age of 58 has a net worth of almost 910 million. She`s a 7 seven time Grammy Award winner and the last or 10th tour she wrapped up was under $120 billion`s, a 10year contract, with Live Nation Entertainment. This has made her the current lot`s highest and richest paid celebrity with her ticket sales whooping up to 1.3 billion.  She is also a founder of the fitness chain called as Hard Candy Fitness.
  2. Tiger Woods- a golfer, at the age of 19 only he competed in the first Masters Tournament in the year 1995. Though he didn’t win the tournament but swept the entire tournament two years after winning it by record 12 strokes. According to richest celebrities his net worth is approximately 900 million dollars. At the same time, you will be also surprised to know that it`s only the 10% of his income that he gets from his prize money whereas rest of his income comes from his endorsements. As a pro, in 1996, he signed a 5year deal with Nike at a price of 40 million dollars which brought him in news.
  3. Jerry Seinfeld- an actor, jerry Seinfeld has a record net worth of approximate 860 million. At the age of 62, he is the 3rdmost richest celebrity according to business insider.  His career got a tremendous boost when in the year 1989, he along with his friend Larry David created his namesake “Seinfeld”.  The show went on to last for nine seasons, and was also one of the most watched and seen finales` on television with recorded 76.3 million watching it on TV.  In the last season of the show, Jerry got $ 1 million of dollars per episode. Currently he performs in various stand-up tours and his popular web series known as “Comedians in Car getting Coffee”. The show is in its eight season.