List Of Top Rated And Highest Paid Korean Actors

Nowadays, entertainment has become the most important activity our everyday’s life. Because of this reason, distinct film and drama industries have been working all through the world. Just like a hub, these industries are for artists to deliver their performance to the world. In fact, there are a huge number of beautiful artists found in the Korean industry; each of them will play a certain role or else multi roles to give their input to the university. Korea has a number of industries including film and drama industry, which has versatile, handsome and talented actors and actresses. Given below is the list of highest paid Korean actors with celebrity net worth.

Highest paid Korean actors:

  1. Kim Soo Hyun: He is a popular South Korean actor seen in many films and dramas. He is well known for his roles performed in the television dramas including My love from the star, dream high, Moon embracing the sun and The producers. His successful movies include Greatly, Secretly and The Thieves. This celebrity net worth is $83,900 for each episode.
  2. Hyun Bin: He is too a south Korean actor famous for his leading roles in the television dramas that include Secret Garden and My name is Kim Sam-soon for which he has received much fame as well as popularity. Hyun earns $83,900 for each episode to become the second highest paid Korean actor.
  3. Jo in Sung: He is famous for his tremendous roles in the TV series That winner, What happened in Bali, It’s Okay That’s love and the Wind Blows. Jo is a famous versatile actor who earns $67,000 per episode and holds third position in the list of highest paid Korean actors.
  4. So Ji Sub: After making his debut as a model for jeans, he has turned out to be the best known for his tremendous roles in television series Cain and Abel, I’M sorry, Master’s sun, I Love You and also Oh my Venus. He earns $67, 100 for each episode.
  5. Lee Min Ho: Lee has gained a huge fame through Boys over Flowers. For that he has won a number of awards. So, he charges &58,700 for each episode.