Avoid Fast Food Restaurants for Healthy Weight Loss

Staying away from fast food restaurants can be simple or difficult, depending on the person. If you are a religious fast food eater, then of course you will have some trouble staying away. But if you are looking to have a healthier life and want to lose weight, it is important that you do.

You can eat Fast Food and Lose Weight!

 Now, I am quite sure that you have heard a phrase like this before. You get to eat all of the foods you usually eat and still lose weight. Unless you are getting gastric bypass, this is highly unlikely. Even if you are taking dietary supplements or medications, it is still necessary to change your diet and exercise religiously. Even if you did find a miracle that allows you to eat unhealthily while losing weight, why would you want to? Eating healthy isn’t just about losing weight it’s about eating right for your body and health.

If You Insist on Going to Fast Food Restaurants

 Unable to give it up? Then try ordering from healthier restaurants from the low calorie menu, such as turkey sandwiches with tomatoes and lettuce, a light soup or grilled foods. A lot of restaurants offer grilled fish and chicken, so try that with a side of veggies or on a sandwich. Fruit yogurts are also available in some places, so definitely make sure they aren’t high in fat. If you aren’t looking to count calories at a fast food restaurant, it’s best to do it at home. When you go grocery shopping make sure that none of the foods you are purchasing are high in fat. A lot of times there is a dietary isle, so check that out.

Higher Portions and Higher Fat

 That’s a very horrible combination. Not only are fast foods high in salt, sodium and fat, but they serve them in large portions – double the trouble. This is why America is the top country for obesity. We overeat on unhealthy foods. Avoid this by avoiding fast food restaurants and their greasy foods. You will never be able to reach your goals with them, so be the bigger person (figuratively of course).

Fast Foods and Ingredients to Stay Away From

 Many restaurants that serve fast food have lots of sauces and other not so healthy choices. You should stay away from cheese sauce, sour cream, gravy, special sauce, guacamole and tartar sauce. Try to replace these items with low fat versions of dressing and sauces. If you can order the frilled food without the sauce, then place your own that could help. But of course, it’s much better if you eat homemade food altogether.

Eating Out While Staying Healthy

 If you are having a family night out or are too far from home and are hungry, you can keep some of the following in mind:

  • Avoid buffets – this is pretty much self explanatory. If you are an overeater and decide to eat at a buffet, only trouble can come from that.
  • Order to go – studies show that people eat less when not sitting at a table. If you take the fast food home, you have the option of replacing items with healthier ones.
  • Carefully select from the menu – try not to order fattening foods (you know what they are, fried, thick sauces and salty foods)
  • Watch portions – Don’t accept large portions that restaurants seem to serve up
  • Share food – This is a great way to save money and your waist line

You can also find DVDs and books on eBay that you can use to help with your weight loss journey. Take whatever measures necessary to get to the healthy weight you desire!