Westside Family Church- The Importance Of Self- Acceptance & Love For God

There are times in your life when you might have harmed yourself or others. You repent and feel guilty at what you had done in the past and seek respite from the pain and the anguish you suffer from. When it comes to peace and love, you do not need to hate yourself and curse yourself for the wrong you have done. Surrendering to God helps you to wash off your sins and restart your life with love, compassion and service to others.

Westside Family Church-An institution that cares

The Westside Family Church is an esteemed religious institution that cares for you and helps you start living again. It is important for you to accept yourself and the fact that humans err and you do get deviated from your life path. However, surrendering to God and forgetting the pain helps you live life again. You can regain trust and hope by helping others and being there for them when they are in great pain and despair.

Do not fret over the past

Guilt and resentment will take you nowhere and so when you attend Church you will get the peace and the solace of mind that you deserve. You have members of the community to guide and help you in your soul journey. You and many people like you have got carried away in life. They have committed wrongs and live with the same levels of guilt and resentment as you. There are some people that wish to end their lives as they find no meaning. However, by the grace of God they do not commit the sin of suicide and turn to the Church for help.

Westside Family Church- The Importance Of Self- Acceptance & Love For God

Let God help you find meaning in life again

It is important for you to learn the knowledge and wisdom of God. You have not been created on Earth for hate or guilt. Your task is to love yourself and others in this world. When you regularly go to Church, you will learn how easy and simple it is for you to help others. When you join a Church you will find that you are not alone in your spiritual journey. There are others with you. You find joy and solace in each other’s company. You feel happiness and bliss in helping others. No money or material thing can give you the bliss and joy you get when you join others and start living your life again with reinforced trust and belief that you are a special soul with a purpose in life.

The Westside Family Church says that when you connect with God, you connect with your basic nature. The layers of guilt and resentment are removed. You will feel free and start giving more. This new -found freedom helps you in a large way to get the best out of your life and your purpose on this Earth. You might have committed a mistake but you can learn from it and become a better evolved person with a mission to love and be loved in return!