Kimberley Dey Makes Sure to Organize Entertainment for Her Horses

History reveals that horses were one of the earliest domesticated animals and they proved to very helpful for the people of those times. Horses became a part of the family because of the kind of help their rendered to their keepers; they were not just utilized for important things such as war and carriage of heavy loads, but also for amusement purposes. Horse riding has been a very popular sport from the early ages and slowly the horses came to be used for placing bets too. Kimberley Dey is one of those who are carrying on the tradition of horse riding.

Kimberley is a popular entrepreneur from Honolulu who has immense love and passion for horses. Her care and concern for the horses is revealed in the way she cares and grooms for her own horses. She is so fond of horses of every kind that she started her own business of breeding horses, so that the world can have more of their friendly beasts.

Horses are known to be very peace loving and social animals, they are quite similar to humans in the fact that they learn by imitation. Kimberly Dey has a grave passion for horses and hence does everything in her capacity to spend a lot of time with her horses. She has special organizations that are dedicated specifically for raising funds through sports involving horses, in order to help the underprivileged children in and around Hawaii.

Makes Sure to Organize Entertainment for Her Horses

She and her horses have been participating in tournaments time and again and have won for themselves several national and international awards. She has even bagged for herself the award of The World Champion Amateur Hunter Rider. She takes her passion to these meek animals a step further by creating scholarship programs in association with the American Quarter Horse Association. Through this program the winners are encouraged to hone their passion for horses too.

This particular foundation founded by her father Charles B Wang is also responsible for cross cultural affairs and works in collaboration with other organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, the ASSETS school, Special Olympics Hawaii, Le Jardin Academy and Kapiolani Medical Center. It should however be noted that Kimberley is not just known for her love for horses but also for her unmatched talent and outstanding business acumen.

Researches in fact reveal that riding horse can be used as a therapy! There are numerous issues that veterans have to face with age, mental illnesses in particular, but taking the program of therapeutic horse riding at the specific center can help reduce these problems of the veterans to a great extent. There may be individuals, particularly those belonging to the military that stay aloof from becoming open about their mental injuries and hurts. Under such circumstances, this is the ideal way of dealing with such individuals.

The horse does not judge its veteran which puts the veteran at ease and at the same time the veteran learns how to be patient, to communicate, to trust, become mindful, and respectful. So, it becomes a means to ease the pain and allow the healing process to take place without any effort.